Ok, 2017 Flatters. Many thanks to all who helped in any way at all. It is always a difficult event to put together in many ways and this year was not any easier with the implementation of even more MSA directives. Before the event the club did a brilliant job with individual performances from Chris Phillips, James Chappelle, David Thomas, Nigel Chappelle, Bob Long being of note. Dave Mac was a diamond again and looked after the threshold signage and and service area and the Brill clan and the Lewis twins did a simply marvellous job of stripping down and clearing the ranges after Pete Henness and his merry men (Cedric & Phil) spread stuff everywhere! It was very nicely spread mind and kept the MSA Safety Delegate happy! Geoff and Gwyneth were outstanding again and work tirelessly for us which is much appreciated.
I am bound to leave someone out but I also have to thank Jason Murphy for deputising so well and putting the safety manual together, Mark Weller for spec car and delegate driving, John Tomley for just doing what he has to with ease. Mustn't forget Lisa Chappelle for keeping James on the straight and narrow although next year she might be looking to improve her seeding instead of officiating! Oh, and thanks to Wayne Palmer for delivering the chicane tyres and Steve Jennings for looking after them all day on the rally.
Last but not least thanks go to all the marshals that turned out, even previous winner Mark Straker did a stint at scrutineering setting a good example to other drivers! As some will know I plan to step back for 2018 after 32 years of involvement and will not be available for the rally weekend next year. I will be able to dispense advice and it would be good to see someone step up to the mark to put it all together. Planning starts now and I did the first bit today by booking the 2018 range dates for all the clubs events.