Saturday April 23rd 2016

Brecon Motor Club members and helpers were given a rare treat on the weekends MSA Spring Classic when in the words of Marie Antoinette, the CEO of the MSA Rob Jones declared 'Let them eat cake' and duly delivered personally. The club ran the tea halt at the beautiful Rolls of Monmouth Golf Club, the former family home of the Rolls family inextricably linked with the famous Rolls Royce brand of motor car. Over 100 classic cars passed through and Rob was a participant with his daughter guiding their Ferrari through the lanes of Herefordshire and Monmouthshire. A large team which included Nigel & Jane Chappelle, James & Lisa Chappelle, Chris & Jane Phillips, Ian & Liam Griffiths, Roger Simons and David Thomas (good to see him back out and about) efficiently looked after the visitors and it is rumoured that excess cake was removed from the premises by some of the team!

Rob 'Antoinette' delivers.

Event organiser Jason Murphy puts Chris Phillips and Roger the Bike straight!