May 12th

Brecon Motor Club wishes Brian Dennis a very happy 80th birthday, still going strong and still competing! Club president Brian has had a full and active life in business and motorsport, rallying and latterly hillclimbing. His earlier days were shaped using a Mini that he still owns today, the beloved 'ABX' which has probably seen more action than most rally cars in existence. The Gremlin Rally was a part of the famous Motoring News Road Rally Championship in the seventies and in 1976 Brian, ably assisted by Gus Jones took a famous win with that very car. Almost thirty years later, again with the same car, Brian led the Harry Flatters Rally outright on the Epynt Ranges in wet and difficult conditions. 

More recently hillclimbing has been the focus of 'Team Dennis Motorsport' as he and son Tim have blitzed hill records at Shelsley Walsh and at other famous hills. Dennis Motorsport has also been the sponsor of the Epynt hillclimb since its inception in 2008 and just to liven thing a little Brian became the first and only person to roll whilst attempting the climb! It was no ordinary roll either as the car tumbled four times before coming to rest. Amazingly damage was relatively light and Brian walked away unhurt and unflustered. This of course wasn't an isolated incident and a huge accident on an early Welsh Rally saw Brian hitting a tree hard in Radnor Forest, a story best told by Brian and if you haven't heard it be sure to ask him about it!

Sponsoring the Gremlin Rally has been a large part of Brian's commitment to the club and there will be many shed and garage doors displaying rally plates from the 'The Old Forge Garage Gremlin Rally'. 

There are many more stories that could be told but through all the years Brian has been a stalwart supporter of Brecon Motor Club, sponsoring events, providing vans and other vehicles and generally taking an interest in the running of the club. For this we thank him and look forward to the next ten years.


Below is a small selection of photographs that we have, this is by no means the whole story................................................