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There was an evening of surprises at the Castle Hotel when BMC hosted the Wye Valley Slot Car Club, a number of members attempted the tricky little course set up as a special stage and the first round was held using a 2 wheel drive Cossack Escort. Mark Lewis brought his daughter along (with the baby!) and comprehensively demolished the opposition to take an early, much to the consternation of her father!. The Brill family were out in force and held second place with Marc trailing just behind. Round 2 used a Focus WRC 4 wheel drive slot car and after a steady first round Martin Leonard went first and set down the marker with a 70 second time. Thereafter nobody managed to get close as the Lewis family crumbled with a series of accidents and rolls. Club chairman David Thomas was a dark horse and was closest but it was down to a shoot out in the final round using a race Porsche to decide the matter. With the Lewis family having to get home to put the baby to bed the pressure was off but all the contenders were determined to put on a good show and try and snatch victory. Martin Leonard went first again and put in safe clean performance to take a surprise overall victory with club chairman Thomas in second place reaping the benefits of a misspent youth.........................

Thanks to Douglas Griffiths and Dave McIntyre for arranging the evening and to Marc Weller for doing results and a big thank you to Wye Valley Slot Car Club for going to trouble of coming along and putting up with us crashing their cars!

The club meets twice monthly in Abergavenny and details of their activities can be seen at Wye Valley Slot Car Club


Club Chairman Dave Thomas regresses to his youth.

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