Black Mountains Classic Tour

Sunday 1st July 2018

This years Black Mountains Classic Tour will once again tour the highways and byeways of Breconshire with a route designed by David MacIntyre. The start will be in Talgarth as usual and we return to the wonderful Llangoed Hall Hotel for morning coffee. The roads are certainly different to last year and some splendid vistas will waiting at various points for our participants. We look forward to seeing you all in July!    


Regulations for the 2018 event are available

2018 Black Mountains Classic Tour Regulations

2018 Black Mountains Classic Tour Entry Form 


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  Damian Cole TBA TBA    
  Chris Glasbey Pat Glasbey Triumph TR3A YOX 853 1959
  Phil Jones Kay Jones Alfa Romeo GTV Lusso T363 PKR 1999
  David Thomas         TBA Ford Escort RS2000 TWP 770R 1976
  Roy Dixie Jean Dixie MG B Roadster GUU 410N 1974
  David E Hodges Elise Hodges Porsche 928 S4 JUI 9028 1988
  Peter Cusak Kim Duffy Talbot Sunbeam CHR 402V 1980
  Peter Kukainis Mim Kukainis Ford Escort Mexico RRP 87M  1974
  Chris Rodda Graham Rodda Austin Healey Sprite UBO 594 1959
  Paul Gunter Sally-Ann Gunter Ford Escort RS2000 Mk2 POG 227 1980
  Steve Spiers  Debbie Spiers Morgan Roadster C12 SGS 2006
  Lee Vincent Sue Vincent Riley One Point Five CFF 171 1958
  Tony Bennett Sue Price Fiat Spider HUF 84X 1980
  Owen Jones Mo Jones MG B Roadster OVK 170R 1977
  Lyndon Roach TBA Alfa Romeo GTV YOD 212K 1972
  Bryn Williams Jenny Williams Mercedes SL55 V8 ABW 2004
  Russ Cooper  Jocelyn Cooper Triumph TR7 HJW 77W 1981
  Samantha Wakeling Keith Wakeling MG BGT YCD 769T 1978
  Ryland James Beti-Wyn James Jaguar E Type V12 2 LBX 1973
  Phil Lloyd Anne Lloyd Opel Manta GT/E A976 DAL 1984
  Jon Ford Gwen Ford Lotus Elan Sprint TWH 849K 1972
  Alwyn Jones Chris Jones Triumph 2500S LAX 32P 1975
  Steve Shepstone Lowri Shepstone MG TBA TBA TBA
  Alan Corns Helen Climpson MG ZR WU 05 FTZ 2005
  Wayne Oram Jonathan Griffiths Ford Escort Mk2 DBO 465V 1979
  Kevin Hogan Pat Hogan MG BGT HDA 863J 1971
  Lou Lusardi Val Lusardi Ford Falcon Sprint AFW 617A 1963
  Cameron Atkinson Sacha Price MG TC GTG 904 1947


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Many thanks to all participants and marshals who helped to make the 2017 Black Mountains Classic Tour a success, the feedback has been good (considering the weather!) and we look forward to seeing old and new faces in 2018. Here are some images from the day.







Black Mountains Classic Tour 2017 Entry List


We are producing event name tags with car numbers this year, if you anticipate any change to your entry or will not be able to make it please let us know as soon as possible - Thank you


1 Paul Coombs Iain Gardiner Armstrong Siddeley Whitley 814 YU6 1952
2 John Worthing Marylou Worthing Triumph TR2 438 YUT 1954
3 Lee Vincent Sue Vincent Riley 1.5 LFF 171 1958
4 Chris Glasbey Pat Glasbey Triumph TR3A YOX 852 1959
5 Edward Hughes TBC Austin Healey 3000 MK1 XSV 467 1959
6 Graham Rodda Margaret Rodda Austin Healey Sprite UBO 594 1959
7 Cameron Atkinson Sacha Price MG TC GTG 904 1947
8 Roger DuCroq-Slip Marie DuCroq-Slip Ford Lotus Cortina 597 OUR 1963
9 Peter Napier Rosanne Napier Triumph Stag LEN 585P 1976
10 Paul Bloxidge Judy Bloxidge Triumph TR4 ACC 843A 1964
11 Alan Jones Vivienne Jones Volvo PV544 EBW 414B 1964
12 Peter Lewis Andria Lewis Morris Minor 1000 Convertible FUW 884C 1965
13 Bill Newman Debbie Newman Austin Healey 100/6 RSL 273 1957
14 Bernard Nash Janice Nash Ford Lotus Cortina MK2 OWO 601F 1968
15 Ken Davies Rita Wilson Ford Lotus Cortina  KJG 7500 1966
16 Owen Jones Mo Davies Mazda MX5 TM05 MAZ 2005
17 Douglas Mace Katharine Mace Sunbeam  Tiger AJO 411C 1965
18 Huw Davies Sue Davies Mercedes 230SL DYX 790C 1965
19 Colin Ellis Angela Ellis Wolseley Hornet 2 DVJ 509C 1965
20 Michael Scantlebury Carolyn Scantlebury Jaguar MK2 GYU 943C 1965
21 Hu Kent Penny Kent Gilbern GT LLL 947D 1965
22 Ian Meakin Lyn Meakin Saab 96 Two-Stroke GRU 663D 1965
23 Dave Watkins Lynne Watkins Fiat Spider ETA 862T 1978
24 Graham Skyrme Alan Skyrme MG Midget RPH 299F 1967
25 David Bardwell Janice Bardwell Lancia Fulvia Rallye KOT 17F 1967
26 Lyndon Roach Tim Bee Gilbern Genie HBL 994G 1968
27 Mike Mayne Sandra Mayne Ford Escort EEU 806F 1968
28 Chris Seymour Sue Ramon Ford Cortina Mk1 GT TBC 1967
29 Steve Shepstone Lowri Shepstone MG Midget MRX 230L 1973
30 Martyn Armstrong Connor Armstrong Vauxhall Nova E485 XKU 1987
31 James Jenkins Sandra Jenkins Datsun Cherry 100A DAT 100A 1970
32 Peter Keen Judy Keen Mercedes Brabus 1 PGK 2002
33 Paul Walker Carys Williams Daimler Sovereign NOA 234P 1975
34 John Spencer John Dyas Morgan Plus 8 CAB 144H 1970
35 Graham Waite Sally Waite BMW 2002 EUF 732L 1972
36 Roy Williams Lousie Bull Triumph TR4A FDC 338D 1966
37 Jon Ford Gwen Ford Lotus Elan Sprint TWH 849K 1972
38 Francis Kilby Glenys Myatt Humber Sceptre  MK3 RWP 372L 1974
39 Richard Evans Bevan TBA Ford Corsair Convertible TBC TBC
40 Alan Holt Jan Holt MG BGT NNR 700M 1973
41 Tony Bennett Julie Price Fiat  2000 Spider HUF 84X 1980
42 Steve McMorn Sam Cooke Porsche 914 914 H2 1974
43 Stuart Harrold Mitsuko Harrold Morgan Four/Four 339 KBJ 1976
44 Alwyn Jones Chris Jones Triumph 2500S LAX 32P 1975
45 Liam Jones Paul Jones,          Emma Jones Triumph Dolomite Sprint SFF 96M 1974
46 Samantha Wakeling Keith Wakeling MG BGT YCD 769T 1978
47 Wayne Oram Jonathon Griffiths Ford Escort MK2 DBO 465V 1979
48 Russ Cooper Jocelyn Hughes Triumph TR7 DHC HJW 77W 1981
49 Simon Marks TBA Talbot Sunbeam Lotus HUD 5BW 1980
50 Alwyn Arrowsmith Wayne Arrowsmith Ford Escort MK2 RS 2000 HTG 321W 1980
51 Alistair Caie Christopher Bennet Triumph TR7 V8 OEV 825V 1980
52 Peter Cusack Kim Duffy Ford Escort XR3 SKO 978W 1981
53 John Surridge Sue Surridge MG B Roadster NTH 330X 1981
54 Malcolm Oxborrow Elaine Oxborrow Datsun Stanza A396 UOX 1983
55 John Slater Jan Slater Irish Clan Q320 OBP 1986
56 Dave Sullivan Steve Brettle Lotus Esprit Turbo D71 YAY 1986
57 David Hodges Elise Hodges Porsche 928 S4 83 FBP 1990
58 Steve Durbin Gordon Hick Mazda MX5 Elinos H660 POH 1990
59 Mike Malyon Maureen Malyon Mercedes 230CE G903 XLO 1990
60 Damian Cole Michelle Shaw Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 TBC TBC
61 Mike Taylor John Wood Mazda MX5 X819 ENP 2000
62 Richard Higgs Mike Hurley Ford  Escort    
63 Neil Fuller Candy Fuller Porsche Boxster P99 RAA 2004
64 Bryn Williams Jenny Williams Mercedes SL55 V8 ABW 2004
65 David Cooper Claire Cooper Porsche Boxster WR17 XNU 2017
66 Jason Stone Daniel Stone Porsche Cayman S JD54 ONE 2006
67 Steve Spiers Debbie Spiers Morgan 4/4 70th Anniversary C12 SGS 2006
68 Gordon Waddington Carol Waddington Mazda MX5 ML58 EUF 2008
69 Jamie Vaughan Vicky Law  Honda Civic J1 JHV 2005
70 Julie Lord Bob Gibbons Jaguar F Type J1 ORD 2015


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