The BTRDA series rolled into Welshpool at the weekend and local competitors and club members were out playing in the woods. Sara Williams had a new co-driver installed in her Subaru, Mark Glennester seen variously with many top club drivers. The pair seemed to click and their pace was decent throughout culminating in fourteenth overall only 8 seconds shy of eleventh place. 

Dai 'Block' Jones and semi retired Pentrefelin businessman Glyn Price were upholding senior pride and put in a decent finish in the 150 car entry. Their BMW was as reliable as ever but their nemisis Andrew Fox in a similar car beat them by eleven seconds.

Yan Griffiths was out with Chris Wheeler in their usual Fiesta but reportedly left the road terminally. Not much more is known but we wish the pair a rapid recovery if any injuries were sustained.

Pics by: Ralliphotoswales