An eventful day for many on Hereford Motor Club's Mini Epynt Stages and some interesting stories from our members. The first is not so good as Bob and Dale Gibbons continued their streak of bad luck when the gearbox in thier lovely Mk1 Escort decided it didn't want to play any longer. Better luck hopefully on the Red Kite for Bob in the Cortina.

Top BMC dog at the weekend was Craig Jones accompanied by Jon Hawkins who finished an accomplished 8th overall and 1st in class in the latest Mitsubishi Lancer EVO9. New brakes improved things this time out and they only missed out on a better place by 2 seconds. More time in the car and the times can only get quicker.

Eian Pritchard was out in a very special Escort originally built by MCD and now totally rebuilt at Phil Mills' Viking Motorsport.  The car looked immaculate and Eian, partnered with Phil Clarke, took a steady approach to the day eventually finishing in the top twenty. The car was christened by an Epynt sheep in the morning but a bit of T Cut should tidy it up again!

James Chappelle made a return to the driving seat when wife Lisa suffered a bad back. Under strict instructions to get the car back in one piece James promptly pulled the gearstick out! Words must have been had as he behaved for the rest of the day and Lisa still has a car for the Epynt hillclimbs.

Big thanks to Nigel, the two Dave's and the Brill clan (minus Austin who was on holiday AGAIN!) for marshalling the service 'in' control.